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5 Reasons to Love Organic Wines

Vinos, Organico

Did you know that an organic wine has a far lower environmental impact than a conventionally-grown wine? This is just one of the many benefits that consumers don’t know when it’s time to pick out a wine labeled “organic” in a shop.

Before we begin, let’s go over some basics about the wine and what goes into it. Yes, we might think it’s just fermented grape juice, but it’s much more complex than that. While wine labels often indicate alcohol level, country of origin, and grape varieties, there’s a lot more information to share. For example, whether preservatives are used, or if additives or pesticides were applied during the winemaking process. Choosing an organic wine means you’ll have a better idea about the process, as the certification for organic wine can only be obtained when certain steps in the process are confirmed, some of which are as follows:

process de elaboración de vinos orgánicos


1.Free of harmful chemicals

Organic wine is free of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, which can accumulate in the grapes used for making wine, and also in many other fruits. But with producers of organic wines, the vineyards are handled differently than a conventional vineyard, who would regularly fumigate to protect their plants from diseases, resulting in these substances ending up in your glass of wine.

This article from the English newspaper The Guardian helps explain it more explicitly.

campos libres de químicos

2.Respectful of the environment


As we already explained in our blog From the farm to the table: the importance of local products, organic agriculture concerns itself with the health of the soils, ensuring they are full of life, and making vineyards sustainable over time. Additionally, as they don’t use pesticides, it’s fundamental to protect and care for the natural enemies of pests, that in a certain capacity help protect and foment a diverse ecosystem.

campos limpios y cuidados

3.More expressive flavor

Without fertilizers, the vines are nurtured just from the soil and its minerals, showing the true character of the place where they are from. It’s like the difference between lettuce grown in a garden, full of flavor, and a hydroponic lettuce, which is clean and pretty, but flavorless.

El cuidado del suelo afecta en el sabor del vino

4. Fewer preservatives

All organic products must have a certification given by the SAG (Servicio Agrícola y Ganadero). By law, organic wines are required to have fewer sulfites, which is a commonly preservative, but is believed by some to cause hangovers. Additionally, wines with lower levels of sulfites are also more expressive.

Vino sin perseverantes


5. No commercial yeasts

Organic wines only use native yeasts, which are those found naturally in the vineyard, making unnecessary the addition of artificial yeast. Once again, this results in wines that are more expressive of their origin and with greater character.
As you can see, there are many benefits to choose a 100% organic wine. What are you waiting for?

Viñedos sin levaduras comerciales

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