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Wines for every occasion: How to choose the best wine

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A good wine can be the best companion for a delicious meal, while listening to music, or even when attending an event. The experience around sharing a bottle can influence our level of enjoyment of the wine.  

Tasting is an experience for the senses, but it can be affected by the ambience of where it’s taking place. Without a doubt the lighting, space, temperature, and even your mood, can make your perception of a wine change. Taking this into account, and just for fun, we’ve detailed some different kinds of tastings:  

veramonte Syrah rose

Some wines, like some pieces of music, have a specific role to play. For example, as a prelude or opener, preparing our ears for what’s to come. We can also call some wines introduction wines, and whose function is to sharpen and prepare our palate. If you think about a summer afternoon by the pool, a Syrah Rosé would be ideal to begin.  


Veramonte Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva-1

And a casual get-together with friends must have conversational wines, whose purpose is create bonds and companionable feelings. In this case, what wine does everyone love? A good Cabernet Sauvignon to share, while standing next to the grill on a Saturday night.  



Veramonte Chardonnay Reserva

An entertaining wine plays the same role as popcorn for movie lovers. It’s ideal on its own after a long day at work, like a white Sauvignon Blanc for relaxing while watching Netflix.  




Veramonte Sauvignon Blanc Reserva


social wine should have some formality. Here, everything depends on what you’re going to eat, like a seafood dinner is best accompanied by Chardonnay.  






Veramonte Merlot Reserva



An event involving an evening with friends and semi-aged cheeses would be best accompanied by a Merlot.




Veramonte Pinot Noir Reserva

And lastly, thinking of those who most appreciate the art of winemaking, we could say there’s also a category for wine enthusiasts, those who want to become expert wine tasters, understanding classifications, rankings, food pairings, etc., and who want to try new wines every day. For them, we recommend a Pinot Noir, perfect for pairing with a shellfish risotto, white meats, and oily fish.  



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